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Eat more plant foods, like hawthorn, and berries, like blueberry, raspberry and cranberry, to support general health.



This product does not contain any animal products or byproducts.


This product does not contain any lactose, milk, or dairy products.


This product does not contain any preservatives.


This product has been tested for heavy metals and pesticides.

Quality Manufacturing

We use a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility.


30 packages/box (12g/package)




Q: Have any studies been conducted on hawthorn and blueberry?

A: Hawthorn contains a variety of phytochemicals such as catechins, crataegus acid, hyperoside, isoorientin, isovitexin, and saponins. Studies have shown that hawthorn aids in boosting heart function and increases the dilation of blood vessels, which leads to more oxygen-rich blood reaching the heart. Based on data from the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, a 100-g serving of fresh blueberries can deliver the antioxidant capacity of five servings of some vegetables and fruits.

Q: Is all cholesterol bad?

A: No. The human body needs cholesterol to make bile, cell membranes and secretin (a hormone that stimulates pancreatic secretions). Cholesterol is broadly divided into two types: low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as "bad" cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is "good" cholesterol. "Bad" cholesterol accumulates in blood vessel walls, clogging blood vessels. This leads to many heart problems such as atherosclerosis and arrhythmia. "Good" cholesterol helps maintain cardiovascular health.

Q: How are heart and liver health linked to each other?

A: Heart health and liver health are interrelated. It is commonly believed that watching one's diet and reducing cholesterol intake are enough for heart health. However, not all cholesterol comes from the diet. In fact, most of the cholesterol in the body is secreted by the liver. The liver regulates cholesterol in the blood. The liver is like a bridge, linking the blood flow from the digestive system back to the heart. A healthy liver is needed to ensure a healthy heart.

Q: How can cardiovascular health be maintained in daily life?

A: Apart from developing good living habits and ensuring that one exercises enough, it is also important to pay attention to one's daily diet. For example, the American Heart Association recommends that adults should not consume more than 300 mg of cholesterol a day. According to, one chicken's egg has approximately 211 mg of cholesterol, and one duck's egg contains about 619 mg of cholesterol. This shows that it is easy to exceed the daily recommended limit, which is harmful to the body. 

In addition, one needs to consume a wide variety of plant foods daily. Wholesome plant foods are abundant in antioxidants. Antioxidants help regulate cholesterol levels, which reduces the burden on the body.


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