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Bubble Fart Bubble Blower - Naughty Boy Blowing Bubbles From His Farts

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Every now and again an invention comes along that's so advanced and innovative that it changes the world and its technology forever. Just to be clear here, this is not one of those inventions. This device simply known as a bubble fart blower, is a bubble blowing machine that appears to make bubbles from a guy's farts, and consists of a man with his pants down, dipping a bubble blower into a bucket of bubble juice, and pulling the bubble wand up to his anus to blow bubbles from.

If there was ever a toy that uses bubbles and was clearly not designed for children, this might be it. The fart bubble blowing machine is powered by 3 AA batteries that power his arm moving up and down, along with the soft puff of air that comes out of his anus with each movement to create the fart bubbles.

A perfect gift idea for pranksters or people who love weird crap, the bubble fart bubble blowing machine does not come with bubble blowing liquid, will make a small farting sound with each round of bubbles (which is unfortunately slightly drowned-out by the running motor), and stands 5.5 inches tall.

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