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FUNSNAP Capture 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphone And Action Camera

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FUNSNAP Capture Three-axis Handheld Gimbal is a cost-effective choice for those who enjoy taking videos with their smartphone. Ultra-light, agile, and powerful, the FUNSNAP Capture Three-axis Handheld Gimbal, makes every frame you capture smooth and steady while eliminating all shake in the shooting. Leave behind your photography bag with all the heavy gears, now you can travel light and still keep those precious memories with perfect details.

This amazing FUNSNAP Capture Three-axis Handheld Gimbal stabilizer is designed for Bluetooth-enabled smartphones that have dimensions within 55mm-80mm in width. The smartphone handheld gimbal stabilizer is equipped with 3-axis motors in order to eliminate vibration and shake. Anywhere and anytime create wonderful and super steady videos and photos using your own smartphone and this FUNSNAP Capture Three-axis Handheld Gimbal. FUNSNAP Capture Three-axis Handheld Gimbal Made of solid compound material, the gimbal can handle up to the 260g payload, which means that it supports nearly 98 percent phones on the market. Moreover, the sliding arm makes it convenient to balance the phone so you can start filming immediately.

FUNSNAP Capture Three-axis Handheld Gimbal can use the phone to shoot either in a vertical direction or horizontal direction by just press one button. After entering face tracking mode, the camera will automatically shoot face when there is no movement for 3 seconds. lets you move with the camera while shooting blooming flowers or rolling clouds, for an even more dynamic effect. using built-in high precision gyroscope sensors and the brushless motor to ensure more stable footage fast. For aspiring filmmakers, a new built-in zoom slider lets you completely operate your smartphone camera from the handle with more fluid, cinematic zoom. this handheld gimbal moves automatically 320° to capture multiple photos then stitches them together to create a seamless image. the picture beautification function will keep you look great anytime in front of the camera.

FUNSNAP Capture Three-axis Handheld Gimbal Built-in 18650 2600mAh rechargeable battery, supporting 8 hours’ continuous runtime, easily charged by USB charger. The most comfortable hand holding sense, special handling of the fuel injection processing to bring you the most recent touch, high cost, stable! Almost all smartphones to adapt to the current market. Through the dynamic balance technology, the principle of the gyroscope can automatically adjust the balance and eliminate during the filming of the jitter generated in the process, make the picture remained stable and shoot the video, the perfect solution to the mobile phone video picture inclining or shaking problem. Highly cost-effective, clear picture, easy to operate, comprehensive function, and great Bluetooth connection.

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