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The Best Bathtub Hair Catcher

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There's nothing quite as nasty as cleaning out your bathtub drain after months or even years of use. Having to dip your fingers into the unknown and pull out some horrific creature that's trying to pull itself back into your drain like a parasite is something you need to do while going to your happy place. That is until the THIS came along...

This stainless steel hair catcher for your bathtub that will catch every hair that attempts to go down your drain. It simply rests inside your drain and will automatically catch all the hairs that passes through it's holes. To empty it, simply lift it up and easily pull off the hairs. Sure beats sticking a bent-up hanger down your drain.

Unlike other hair catching strainers that catch the hairs above the tub drain for everyone to see as they step into the bathtub, this one will hide the hairs below the drain line so you don't have to look at them until you're ready to empty the hair catcher.

The bathtub hair catcher allows you to not have to resort to using chemicals to unclog your drain, is made from stainless steel, has a virtually indestructible construction, will fit any standard bathtub drain with no special installation required, is super easy to clean and maintain, works for both human and animal hairs.

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